How to create a duck friendly garden

White Call Duck Drake

White Call Duck Drake

One of the things that puts people off poultry, especially ducks, is the thought of the greedy birds wrecking their beautiful garden. However, with a little bit of planning and selective planting you can keep your beautiful garden and your ducks.

Ducks are great pest control and letting them free range is the ideal way to keep the bugs down without having to use harsh chemicals. Plus, duck manure makes great fertiliser so you’ll want plenty of it to go in the compost bin!

Here’s our guide to landscaping your garden in a way that keeps it pretty and provides your ducks with a healthy environment:

Protect your bushes

Unfortunately ducks don’t know the difference between a weed and your prize Hydrangeas so it’s important to protect your bushes if you want them to survive.

Invest in chicken wire, or other form of fencing, to create a “cage” around the plants you want to protect. You can then anchor the cage to the ground with large rocks or stones.

Choose the right grass seed

If you’re determined to have a luscious looking lawn you’re going to need grass seed that is sold for high traffic areas. Unlike chickens, ducks don’t scratch or yank up grass, but they will dig holes in search of tasty worms.

You’ll probably find you need to re-sow your lawn once a year, but it shouldn’t be particularly high maintenance.

Keep roots safe with rocks

Ducks love digging, so you’ll need to protect the roots of your plants using rocks or stones. Not only will the stones protect your tender plants but they’ll also provide a nice decorative addition to your garden once the plants have matured.

Invest in evergreens

One of the few plants that ducks don’t seem to find delicious are firs and other evergreens. However, they do provide ducks with shelter from the elements and a hiding place for predators.

If you’re looking for plants to disguise ugly perimeter fences then evergreens would be a good, duck friendly option.

Be careful about your choice of plants

Unfortunately not all plants are good for ducks so it’s important to consider the things that grow in your garden carefully. We’ll be discussing plants that are toxic to ducks next Wednesday, so if you’re planning on buying anything new, check our list first.

Top duck friendly plants: the top ducks friendly plants chosen by many duck keepers are Hawthorn, Juniper bushes, Butterfly bushes, and Climbing Roses.

Next week we’ll be looking at plants, and other items you might use or find in the garden, that are toxic to ducks.


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