How to stop ducks eating their eggs

Egg eating is usually more of a problem with chickens but sometimes you’ll have a duck that gets a taste for eggs. This behaviour shouldn’t be encouraged as it can lead to the whole flock eating their own eggs.

duck-eggsFeeding your ducks egg shell is a good form of calcium and you can also feed them the egg, but make sure you feed it cooked so that they don’t get a taste for raw egg.

Some ducks will only start eating their eggs if the shell is already cracked, but once they get the taste for egg it can cause them to deliberately crack their eggs to get inside.

Here are our steps to stop your ducks eating their eggs:

Make sure your ducks are getting enough calcium

Egg eating can be a sign that your ducks aren’t getting enough calcium in their diets. Feed a good quality layers feed and provide extra sources of calcium such as oyster shell to ensure your ducks are getting everything they need.

Provide multiple nest boxes

Overcrowding in nest boxes can cause eggs to be broken and your ducks may find they like the taste. At least one nest box per four laying ducks is usually recommended but the more nest boxes you provide the better.

Clean up broken eggs quickly

Cleaning up broken eggs as soon as you spot them doesn’t give your ducks a chance to eat them.

It’s also important not to feed any cracked, raw eggs to your ducks when you collect them. If you do want to feed eggs or shells for extra nutrients, make sure you cook them first.

Remove egg eating ducks

As we said, one egg eater can encourage the others to join in, so watch your ducks and see if you can spot the offending fowl.

Break the habit

Try replacing eggs with fake eggs or even golf balls! Once your ducks realise they can’t break the fake egg or golf balls to eat the egg they should get out of the habit and stop trying with real eggs.

Stop ducks getting bored

Some ducks start breaking eggs out of boredom so give them plenty of things to entertain them.

Vegetables, cubed in a bowl or hanging from their run, will keep them occupied and provide a healthy snack. You can check last week’s article on Healthy Treats for Ducks to get ideas.


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