Free Range Friday – Baked Dippy Eggs

If you’re thinking ahead to Christmas day breakfast and you want something more exciting than toast, why not try Baked Dippy Eggs?

This recipe has been especially designed with children in mind, so if you can tear them away from their presents for 20 minutes they can help create a delicious breakfast.

You can get the full recipe here.


Photo credit: BBC Good Food magazine

Photo credit: BBC Good Food magazine


Free Range Friday – Bacon and Egg canapes

If you’re going to be entertaining over the festive period you’re going to want some delicious canapés to wow your guests.

We’ve chosen these cute and tasty looking Bacon and Egg tartlets that are packed full of flavour for this week’s Free Range Friday recipe.

You can get the full recipe here.


Breed of the Month: Silver Appleyard

This month’s duck breed of the month is the pretty Silver Appleyard, a reasonably rare but brilliant all-purpose duck. Their silver, white, dark green, and claret plumage makes them one of the most attractive and distinctive breeds of duck available.

the_silver_appleyard-12The Silver Appleyard originates from the UK and is named after their first breeder, a Mr Reginald Appleyard who was known as a writer and breeder of domestic waterfowl.

He first developed the breed in the 1930s with the aim of producing the perfect all-round utility duck that would make good eating and also be a prolific layer. They became popular as a pet, exhibition bird, and as “gourmet roasting ducks”.

The breed was made available to the American public in the 1980s but never really gained much support. A 2000 census in the United States found that there were only 128 breeding Silver Appleyards in North America, with only 5 breeders keeping the breed.

The modern Silver Appleyard is a “heavy” variety of duck, weighing between 6-8lbs when fully grown, but is unfortunately not as dual purpose as it once was.

Sadly good utility stock birds are now hard to find, although they are still one of the better large breeds of duck if you want a large number of eggs. The Silver Appleyard produces roughly 250 large white eggs per year.

They are known to be easy to keep, docile, and friendly. Silver Appleyard’s prefer to free range, although they tend to stay close to their duck house so they don’t need acres of land to be happy.

Free Range Friday – Halloween Ghost Cupcakes!

With Halloween on it’s way we thought it was only right that our Free Range Friday recipes took on a spooky theme for the next two weeks.

This week we’ve got delicious Halloween Ghost Cupcakes from BBC’s Good Food magazine proving that Halloween food doesn’t have to be gory.

You can get the full recipe here.